I forked a long standing, once working project by EBOOZ (https://github.com/EBOOZ/TeamsStatus) for monitoring Teams status. I have updated it to work with the *NEW* Teams and converted it over to Python. It’s not so much a fork, as copying some of his homework and moving it to a new language.

As mentioned in his repo, the latest version of MS Teams broke this long standing project some time during last year. If you moved over to the “new” teams, you’d lose HA integration. However, as of Jan 2024, MS finally updated the log files to allow for some alerting functionality again.

You can follow the thread about logs here (although no mention of updated functions):


The log file has changed up somewhat since the original project and my work is still in progress. It is however functional.

My forked repo: https://github.com/uncannyowly/pyTeamsStatus

Current status is that the project: works- but it can take up to 1 minute to update status.

I’m using watchdog observer to monitor the file opposed to a loop, may swap back to loop though.

Open to suggestion and anyone who wants to work on it, go for it. 🙂

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